Network Engineering and Technical Support With 20 years experience our team have the knowledge to help you

Our Founder and lead engineer has 20 years experience in telecommunications and networking. Problem solving on a national and international level with Tier 1 operators and suppliers. We have performed interoperability testing and implemented multi-vendor networking solutions internationally. 

With a strong focus on customer support and service we are 100% committed to helping you solve your problems. Give us a call today on 01224 600036 to get started on solving your problems.

And that's not all PC and Apple repair, upgrades and advice

When working in modern telecommunications and networking being able to maintain a healthy laptop or PC is an essential skill, combined with a patient nature and a willingness to help our technical team can solve any computer problem. Our core team use a variety of hardware and software skills and tools to achieve their everyday tasks add to that a history of customer service, you and your equipment are in safe hands!

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If you’re having a problem, give us a call. If it’s something simple we won’t even charge!